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About Didier

Didier de Radiguès started his career as a photographer artist in New-York before rapidly conquering Singapore, Hong Kong, Paris and Brussels.

« I don’t consider myself a witness photographer but rather a creator photographer. A witness will simply do what we see each day… while a creator finds himself in front of a blank canvas, like a painter, and invents his own world. »

A waterfront is the perfect place for reflection while the ocean brings about one’s inspiration. Born within a family of leisure sailors, Didier conserved the values associated with the sea. Somewhat wounded by life during his childhood, he developed a keen ability to observe which in turn encouraged his interest in various areas as he applied his own personal vision.
While his passion for photography was incited at a young age by his uncle, who was also a boatman, Didier spent a great part of his childhood on the water, even competing in dinghy racing, a complete sport requiring strong mental and physical attributes.

Drawn into a world of creativity, in all its forms, he embarked on a professional career in motor sports. While retaining a link with the world of motorcycle racing, his passion for the ocean turned him towards artistic photography. Captured by the photographic composition form, Didier gives preference to a decidedly pure approach, one which favors an acute observation during shooting.